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“Laris, now that we’re back in camp we need to speak about what happened in Redcliffe.”
Laris sighed and closed his eyes for a moment, then turned to face his fellow Grey warden. He had known that this conversation was going to happen sooner or later, Alistair had been much too quiet during the aftermath of Redcliffe, but the mage had hoped for some time to come to terms with his own actions.
“You were there when it happened, Alistair. You saw exactly the same thing that I did.” Laris said, trying to keep the exhaustion and resentment from his voice.
“I know; I’ve been thinking about it, you killed Conner! You killed that precious little boy. How could you do that?!” Alistair asked, anger in his voice and hostility in his eyes. Laris saw Zevran moving forward, and shook his head slightly to get him to stop.
“Do you honestly think I took enjoyment from it?! I can promise you, that was the last thing I would have felt, Alistair
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After the fade
This has not been betaed. I still have to find one. Most of the conversation comes from the game, I changed a few things.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from Dragon Age, just Leo.
Leo Trevelyan finished up his talk with Solas and turned toward the stairs leading up to the upper library, a hint of anticipation and worry filling his chest. It had been nearly a week since he and his companions had returned from the fight with the Grey Wardens, and he was becoming more and more concerned about his love’s actions. He didn’t notice anything the first few nights, coming to bed each night exhausted from dealing with the aftermath of such a long battle and the actions of the warden mages. The third night, Leo realized that Dorian had been up each night when he had returned and the warrior could never remember the mage joining him. So studying his lover closely, he finally noticed the dark bags growing under Dorian’s eyes, and knowing his lover wouldn’t talk until he wa
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I wrote this based on the word prompt 'touch' for Fenhawke week. Also much of this is based on my headcanon. I wrote this at about 2:30 am last night and I'm posting it now but I do have a beta looking it over and will update later.
Disclaimer: I don't own DragonAge.
The first touch Fenris remembered was just after the lyrium ritual. The markings had still been glowing; the skin around them was red and inflamed. When Danarius slaves had reached to take him down from the chains, he had had no voice to beg them not to touch him, all that came out of his ruined throat was a wheezing gasp. Their hands had caused his skin to ache and burn, he tried to struggle against them, which just caused them to hold on tighter and the pain to be even worse. Once he was on a bed, withering to try and relieve the agony that the marks on his back caused him, he felt a gentle hand running through his hair.
“My little Fenris.” Fenris managed to focus on the blurry figure of the magister standing
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Wished For
A/N I wrote this for Dorian Marriage month.
Disclaimer: Bioware owns Dragon age, Leo is mine.
Leo Trevelyan looked around the old library with a growing sense of annoyance. Dorian had been avoiding him lately, it had started off small; not joining him for a mission, being to busy to join him for a meal, then for the last three nights, Dorian had not come to their bed, while all but vanishing during the day. If it hadn’t been for Varric, Leo would have never remembered the old library near the wine cellar and would still be searching for his lover.
Spotting the mage in the far section of the library Leo turned to close and lock the only door in the room. Dorian spun around at the sudden sound, and Leo saw longing enter the other man’s eyes, before a mask fell into place and he began to look through the book in his hands.
“Inquisitor, what can I do for you?” Dorian asked his tone casual and dismissive.
Leo gritting his teeth, stalked up
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This is just an awesome piece. I love how the color and scenery give you a feeling of peace and tranquility. I also love how you combin...

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Journal Entry: Thu Nov 26, 2015, 5:30 PM

I have a question for the people that take screenshots. How do I enable the flycam option in a game? I want to take different angled picture in the game 'The evil within', and the DA games and ME games when I get them. Well just about any game really, and I can't seem to find a straight answer. What's the best way to do it? Thanks

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